SooHeart24 2013 calendar (Sooyoung) review

Received: early February 2013 | Payment period: 17th Nov 2012 ~ 21st Dec 2012 | Cost: $15 + EMS

Items in this set include 2013 desk calendar / mini poster / 2 print photos / 4 photo cards

A new fan site, SooHeart24, with their first ever goods package. I’m always excited to see new fan sites join the market with their fan sets, so I’m looking forward to this one.

Desk calendar

What a lovely start. I always like when photos are used for the calendar covers and this one is quite an unusual image to pick. I think it’s really inventive and creates a strong graphical cover.

I was lucky enough to see SNSD live twice and that picture really sums up a lot for me on how Sooyoung is as a person. All the nine Soshi girls give so much love back to the fans but Sooyoung stood out even more so than that and she really showed a real connection with the fans and really wanted to thank everyone and probably spent the most time interacting with the fans. So that picture really connects with me and captures the lovely generous and humble spirit that she has, and why we all love her so much.

Opening it up, we get some really bright and bubbly pages. I love all the strong color and nice sharp pictures. Straight away, I can see that SooHeart24 have put the photo and the calendar/date all together on one page. Unlike most fan site calendars who split that between separate pages.

I have to say I really like it the way SooHeart24 have done it. It means every page is full of life and big images.

Looking closer, you can see that each page covers half a month. So that means each month is split over two pages.

Here’s the two pages for May 2013. It’s a real neat idea, and the main thing is of course every page gets a huge Sooyoung photo on it which makes every page really visual. Also because you are turning to a new page every two weeks this way, you are seeing new pages and pictures as a result, and it keeps the calendar fresh.

I like the bright bold birthdays for each of the members and Soshi’s birthday too all marked in lovely big pink writing and little hearts.

The pictures are really clear and bright and full of life, color and energy. I love them.

You really get across the feeling of Sooyoung as bright and bubbly and happy in all the lovely images that they have selected. It really captures her personality really well.

And the way that Sooyoung interacts with the camera person and always gives great fan service. Again showing her warmth and kind nature and I’m glad SooHeart24 have really captured that spirit throughout.

It has some lovely pictures with other members too like this beautiful SooFany moment.

Overall, I thought it was a superb calendar. It is stuffed with 28 pages of happy bright pictures of Sooyoung which really sums up her as a person, so for that I give this a high 8 out of 10.


We start off with what is called a mini poster. It is so mini though that you should consider it a very large print photo instead. It is made on really nice card and it has a lovely glossy surface which the picture doesn’t really capture.

With her arms crossed in the image, she gives of a cooler darker image here. I like it as a picture and it shows different sides of Sooyoung.

Next, we get 2 print photos. Again printed on that same glossy nice card. I loved these too, the strong color and direct shots are really beautiful. I like the little SooHeart24 branding in the corners too.

Finally, we end with 4 photo cards. Printed on the same glossy card they are a lovely set. It sort of covers all different moods of Sooyoung which is really nice.

I particularly loved the two horizontal photo cards. SooHeart24 have captured great expressions and I love the stark blurry white backgrounds setting of her crisply focused profile. A really nice finish to the set.

Overall At $15 + EMS for this set, I thought it was great value for a small set. The calendar was really strong and as well as beautiful pictures the color were really bright and sharp which lifted every page and brought it to life.

The way SooHeart24 split the months over two pages I thought was a clever idea and they pulled it off really well.

The same quality of photos spreads to the lovely gifts too. The quality of everything was first rate. I will say though that the range and ideas of the gifts wasn’t the most inventive but what they did provide was done to a high standard, and certainly something I really enjoyed.

What I loved most though was that they really captured the happy kind spirit of Sooyoung in this set and that feeling really comes across every part of it, so for that I will give this lovely little set a very good 7.5 out of 10. A fantastic entry set for SooHeart24 and I really hope to see more from them.


Author: art_apples
Image Credits: art_apples
Editor: RaddyXD
Published: February 6th, 2012

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