Bulk Ordering: FAQs

Why is a £10 non-refundable deposit required?
It is so that only serious buyers join the bulk purchases. It would be unfair on everyone if we work out the final group costs for everyone and then suddenly someone pulls out. This way we only get buyers who are serious about making a purchase.

Why is deadline date for your bulk order is at least a week earlier than fansites’ final closing date?
This is so that we can make a final count of how many people are in the bulk order, and send out an email with the final price to everyone who has made a deposit.

It gives us a day or two to get back all the final payments in time so that we can get the groups bulk order sent to the fan site in time.
We don’t want to squeeze that all in to the last day before the sets sales end, so we give at least a week or more as our final closing date to get your orders in.

Why are payments to you done via PayPal?
The simple reason is because it is a fast safe way of making payments.
You [the buyer] are also protected by the PayPal system for any payments that you make using it.
It is a nice reliable and safe way to send and receive money.
All your payments are fully secure by the PayPal system, and they protect your funds in case anything goes wrong.

Can I pay by Bank Transfer instead?
Yes, only if you do not have a PayPal account set up, then we can also take payments by a Bank Transfer.
If you would like to do this, contact us so that we can give you the details of the account to put the funds in.
This method to pay is not as quick and simple as PayPal, but it is again a safe and secure way to pay, and one that still fully protects your money.

Will the set be sent out by the fan site on the date they have listed?
The short answer to this is no. 🙂
The dates they give are just guides, and quite often they have been known to push back the date by up to a month on some occasions, or even more on a few rare occasions. Most often though the sets are sent out at the time given.

How long does it take for the sets to get here from Korea?
Most sets are sent by EMS, and it usually takes about 7-to-10 days to get to the UK/Europe.

How long will it take to post the items on to me once you have received it?
As soon as the sets arrive here in the UK, they will be posted on to you straight away without delay.
If you live in the UK, it will take about one or two days for it to get to you.
If you are in Europe, it will take between one and three days for you to get it.

Will the sets be safely posted in bubble wrap?
Yes, when the sets are sent from the fan sites they normally always come individually bubble wrapped.
If needed, we will add extra bubble wrap around each set to make sure it is posted on safely.
Every package we send out we will attach large clear labels on the front & back saying ‘Fragile: Handle With Care’.
We want to make sure the sets get to you in perfect condition.

Will the sets contain all the items listed on the fan sites notice page, and on your listings?
Sometimes the fan sites do change the list of items for varies reasons.
It could be for any number of reasons, like production issues for example.
However if they do change an item, they normally swap it for something similar.
It is a good idea to follow the fan sites twitter accounts as they tend to put up the latest updates on how the sets are doing on there.

What if after payments have been made the set is cancelled by the fan site?
If the set is cancelled at any stage, you will immediately get back any money that you have paid straight away as soon as the site refunds us the money.
Whether you have just paid the deposit at that stage, or the full amount, the money will be fully returned to you.
Sets being cancelled are very rare, and it has happened on only one or two occasions over the years.

If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to contact me directly on…
Email – art_apples@hotmail.com / Facebook / Twitter / Soshified

Or post your question here in comment box below and I will see to it.

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  1. Do you guys accept non-UK/Europe people in your bulk orders? I mean, someone buy with you guys then pay again the EMS for you to sending overseas.t

    • Art

      Hi, let us know which country you are from and I will have a look at how much the postage costs are. You can email me at (art_apples@hotmail.com). Cheers… 🙂

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