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RaddyXD, founder / site owner| Taenganger | United States

RaddyXD’s Soshified ID was registered in July 2008. Was she a Sone? No.

Why was RaddyXD at Soshified? As an avid K-drama watcher since 2003, she heard of many drama OST songs but in general, she had very little of interest in k-pop. She watched KBS’ You Are My Destiny where Yoona starred in as the leading role, her first major acting gig. To avoid the requirement of 100 posts or greater, RaddyXD donated only to access the Downloads section for subbed episodes, which would explain her lack of activity for the first 3 years in regards to the amount of her posts. For a while, she didn’t know Yoona was member of SNSD. She heard things about SNSD and used to have a bit of dislike towards that group for years. For a long time, she didn’t become a fan until late 2011. She went on to watch YouTube videos and one of them happened to be of SNSD’s MVs.

art_apples, reviewer (English) / bulk orderer for Europe | Sunshiner | United Kingdom

Several years ago, art_apples discovered SNSD while browsing YouTube videos for a work project, looking at foreign dances which he, by chance, came across the Oh! music video. It took him about 0.00001 seconds, even less, to fall for the nine girls’ lovely charms. One of his moments of being awestruck, Sunny’s aegyo powers came through the screen and took hold of him. Because of that happy accident, he became instant Sone as well as Sunshiner on the spot.

Soyeon, reviewer (English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese) | Yoonadict | United Kingdom

In late 2011, she became sone while browsing for variety shows to watch and Family Outings 2 came up. Family Outings 2 was the first Korean program she watched, which Yoona was a part of fixed cast in that variety show. From this, she saw Yoona as her role model, beautiful and talented. Because Yoona is a member of SNSD, she then went onto finding more about the group. Upon seeing their performances, Soyeon was completely amazed. She started her collection in August 2012; still working on it. To her, SNSD is an addiction.

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