Sometimes after RaddyXD got into the fandom, she began collecting SNSD merchandises shortly afterward but 10 months later, she found herself largely spending more on fan-made goods by Soshi fansites. Recently, there’s a lot of new fansites coming out, bigger number of fansites (both new and old) releasing goods, one after another. She saw people asking questions where to buy, confusing which is which, etc. SFG’s (Soshi Fansite Goods) objective is to provide the ultimate guide, the source sones can turn to for anything related to fansites’ goods.

In September 2012, RaddyXD decided to create the site to help you become familiarized with all known fansites’ goods to date. A couple of months later, she discovered that one member, art_apples, owned a large number of fansite goods, who wrote up his thoughts on them from time to time at the thread ‘Show YOUR Soshi Collection‘ and wondered if he would like to write some reviews which he gladly did. In their spare time, they are happily trying their best to help sones.

SFG might help you in some ways:

1) If you are from a certain country and would like to bulk order with a group to save on shipping cost, EMS, the most expensive option which most fansites offer, SFG hope you will find the blog helpful.

2) If you are trying to decide on which fansite goods to buy, either be it old or new, we present reviews and videos to assist you with buying decision.

Hope you find the site helpful…

Last revised 7/16/2013

Image drawing on header credits: taeoff – taeoff.tumblr.com

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