2015 sets

Updated on April 1st,

Hello, I’m weeks late to greet you guys but I’ve been quite busy in past months and will continue to be in later months as well. I hope you all had a nice year in 2014. I wish the same for all of you in 2015!

While it’s saddening to see one member departed from SNSD, we cheer on SNSD, as group, performing as 8 and as individual, their solo activities, too. The same goes for Jessica.

Also, side news, Heavenly Forest fansite, one of my favorites, sadly, has closed. No reason given, I think. Correct me if there is.

Art (art_apples) continues to take orders for 2015 sets.
So, here is the first one of the year…

To see the list of releases in 2014, please go to that post – 2014 sets

1. JungSis 1st photobook “The Sisterhood” (Jessica & Krystal) (Jan 31 – Feb 20)
2. Flying Petals 2015 special edition “Irreplaceable” (Taeyeon) (Feb 16 – Mar 31)
3. Woorissica 2015 photobook, DVD & 2015 calendar (Jessica) (Feb 23 – Mar 31)
4. Jessture 4th photobook “Shake It Off” (Jessica) (Feb 20 – Mar 27)
5. NoDoubtYou 2nd photobook “Golden Slumber” (Jessica) (Feb 26 – Apr 2)
6. Complete Bliss 3rd photobook “Complete Bliss” (Tiffany) (Mar 24 – Apr 30)
7. Chunyoon photobook & DVD ‘1st Record Pack’ “Vogue 2015” (Yoona) (Apr 1 – May 30)

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