2014 sets

Updated as of November 6th,

We are nearing the end of year. Girls’ Generation-TTS comprising Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun 2nd comeback was success. Fansites preparing 2015 calendars are starting to come out.

1. YoonYul 1st photobook “Y So Beautiful” (Yoona + Yuri)
2. KwonYuri125 x Yuliet x 0nlyul 2015 calendar & bottle (Yuri)
3. Expecto Patronum DVD & 2015 calendar & DVD (Taeyeon)
4. Complete Bliss 2015 calendar & TTS photobook “Vivid Telepathy” (Tiffany)
5. Kkabyul.com Yuri’s Smile Club Postcard (Yuri)
6. Flying Petals 3rd Taeyeon DVD “Petite Fleur” & 2015 calendar (Taeyeon)
7. Adorable 1st photobook (Taeyeon)
8. Chunyoon 2nd photobook & 2015 calendar “Take A Deep Breath” (Yoona)
9. Day & Night 2015 calendar (Sunny)
10. MissKimTaeyeon 1st photobook & 2015 calendar “When I MissKimtaeyeon” (Taeyeon)
11. KilvoltTY 2015 calendar “My Lucid Girl” (Taeyeon)
12. LimYoona 4th photobook + 2015 calendar “Yoona, 25” (Yoona)
13. Thank You 3rd photobook “Merci” (Taeyeon)

To see the complete list…


1. KTYCHINA 2014 calendar (Taeyeon)
2. NoDoubtYou 1st photobook (Jessica) / Jan 28th ~ Mar 18th
3. Heavenly Forest 3rd photobook & DVD (Jessica) / Jan 29th ~ Mar 28th
4. Helianthus 2nd photobook (Sunny) / Feb 3rd ~ Mar 24th
5. Shining Smile 1st DVD (Tiffany) / Feb 4th ~ Mar 10th
6. Chewing 1st photobook (Sunny) / Feb 6th ~ Mar 26th
7. Yoonaya 1st photobook & 2014 calendar (Yoona) / Feb 19th ~ Mar 15th
8. The Goddess 1st photobook (Yoona) / Feb 21st ~ Apr 20th
9. Jessture 3rd photobook & DVD (Jessica) / Feb 21st ~Apr 11th
10. Woorissica 2nd photobook & DVD (Jessica) / Mar 13th ~ Apr 15th
11. Complete Bliss 2nd photobook (Tiffany) / April 2nd ~ May 13th
12. Flying Petals 3rd photobook (Taeyeon) / Apr 5th ~ Apr 30th
13. Cotton Candy photobook & DVD (Taeyeon) / Apr 5th ~ May 10th
14. Be Sweet On 2nd photobook (Tiffany) / April 11th ~ May 25th
15. Deeryoona photobook & DVD (Yoona) / May 5th ~ June 8th
16. GGU set (Seohyun) / May 8th ~ May 31st
17. CRISIS 2nd photobook (Taeyeon) / May 12th~ July 3rd CANCELLED!
18. TangParadise 2013 tour goods (Taeyeon) / May 19th ~ July 16th
19. Shining Smile 4th photobook (Tiffany)
20. Yoonyul 1st photobook (Yoona & Yuri) – http://yoonyulcom.tumblr.com/post/94235142208/yoonyul-com-1st-photobook-y-so-beautiful
21. Dada 2nd Photobook (Yuri)
22. Expecto Patronum 2015 calendar & DVD (Taeyeon)
23. Complete Bliss 2015 calendar & TTS photobook (Tiffany)

7 thoughts on “2014 sets

  1. yen lam

    have anyone receive Deeryoona photobook & DVD (Yoona)?

    • Art

      Hi, no one has received it yet. I have tried emailing DeerYoona but they don’t reply

  2. Anonymous

    Hi admin, I used to be anti fan of Girl Generation. But now they r my life 🙁 .It’s maybe sounds ridiculous. But where can I buy old/new goods of all fansite. Sine long time has passed, I don’t need calendar. But I really want photo book and dvd of each members. Plz reply asap. Im very appreciate that. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ From Wendy with love.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for creating this site. I’ve been collecting ever since I found this site about 2 years ago. I’ve grown up a bit now so I don’t really buy any more but I am sure this site is useful for a lot of other people.

  4. musichaws

    Hi, do you happened to have extra flying petals 3rd photobook Mr.Seductive? I missed the order…

  5. youronlyJ

    i want to ask,
    did you buy chunyoon photobook?
    and if you bought it, have you received it?
    i bought their photobook but until now i haven’t received it
    i just want to know if there’s anyone that has the same problem as me…
    thank you T_T

    • Art

      Hi, Yes, I received mine about a month ago. If you still have not received yours then give Chunyoon a shout. Their email is (chunyoon0530@naver.com)

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